Meet the experienced artists behind the lens at Carrie King Photography


Our mission is to ELEVATE YOUR VISION with CAPTIVATING PHOTOGRAPHS through my Collaborative Approach, Artistic Mastery, and Encouraging Direction.

Driven by a profound dedication to our couples and the artwork we
create together, we pour our hearts into every step of our journey.
So, you can trust that we give the best in every way, 
from the personal touch of editing each image to a personalized and communicative experience. 
This way, we understand how to seamlessly align your style and priorities with the overall vision for your day. 
And we are able to craft intentional images that elevate your vision into art.​​

Our mission is to ELEVATE YOUR VISION with CAPTIVATING PHOTOGRAPHS through my Collaborative Approach, Artistic Mastery, and Encouraging Direction.

Carrie King

Inspired by immersive experiences, heartfelt
connections, and the iconic imagery of Vogue.

Collaboration is the core of the artistic process. So, I will work closely with you
to refine your ideas into a collection of stunning photos that celebrate both
your creative vision and relationship. 

But that's not where the collaboration stops! To bring your photos to new creative
heights, I've partnered with Kelsey to add unique and collaborative team atmosphere.

With over twenty years of combined experience as luxury wedding photographers, Kelsey and I work naturally side by side to ensure a diverse gallery of images. And our positive and warm demeanors harmonize to create a comfortable atmosphere for anyone in
front of our cameras. 

Above all else, the Carrie King Photography team realizes the power of artistic expertise
to craft sophisticated photos straight out of a magazine.

"Carrie loves what she does, and it shows through how she treats each client and the connection she made with us.

She has this energy that made us not want to stop taking photos!"

- Kelly and Mike


Nothing ignites my creativity like travel! I have a soft spot for Mountain and ocean views. I’ve loved photographing couples all over the world.

When I don’t have a camera in hand, you can catch me on a sunny patio sipping a margarita on the rocks.

With more than 13 years of experience using film and digital cameras, it's no surprise I own multiple cameras. Right now, you can find six film cameras in my bag!

Kelsey Shaw

Lead Photographer at
Carrie King Photography

With her artistic vision and warm personality, Kelsey is a key piece of the exceptional Carrie King experience. Kelsey's photography journey began in 2009, inspired by an heirloom film camera passed down by her mother. This camera ignited her passion for capturing 
in-between moments where direction stops and true life unfolds. 

When she's not capturing weddings, you'll find Kelsey cherishing moments at home 
with her family or exploring antique treasures with a good cappuccino in hand.


"I truly cannot recommend Carrie enough for any couple looking
for a true artist and professional for their photography needs."

- Elise | Revel and Bloom Event Planning and design


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